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Safety in warehouses
Violations that Cause firs & Increase their losses

1.     Any alteration, Addition made to the building's fire safety systems without Civil Defense approval.

2.     Changing the building's occupancy type or any part of it without prior Civil Defense approval.

3.     Using the building for the type of occupancy other than the permitted one with a risk level higher than the permitted.

4.     Installation of unapproved fire alarm system in the building.

5.     Absence of approved fire fighting systems on allocated locations.

6.     Fire alarm & fighting systems are maintained by an approved company.

7.     Obstacles hindering fire fighting systems in the building.

8.     Any alteration, disconnection, removal or covering any part of sprinkler's system.

9.     Maintenance companies' Failure in conducting maintenance to fire systems as per civil defense requirements.

10.   Escape routes are not provided with illuminated directive signs, Closing / Locking one or any of fire exits.

11.   Non-compliance of the Manual / mechanical ventilation systems with DCD's requirements.

12.     Inappropriate or non-provided Natural/ Artificial illumination in the building.

13.    Presence of obstacles or storing materials or Haz-Mat or flammable materials in exit routes causing risk to occupants.

14.     Not providing emergency standby lights.

15.     Presence of exposed or unprotected electrical wiring.

16.   Changing the location of central Gas tanker without DCD"s prior approval.

17.   Lack of providing training to those who by law should be trained in fire fighting, fire alarm and evacuation.

18.   No existence of well trained, qualified and Civil Defense approved fire warden/ in charge in locations where by law should exist.

19.   Intelligence system not installed in buildings where required.


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