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Safety in labor camps
Violations that Cause fires & Increase their losses

Any alteration, addition made to the building's fire safety system without Civil Defense approval .

Changing the building's occupancy type or any part of it without prior Civil Defense approval .

Using the building for the type occupancy other than the permitted one with a risk level higher than the permitted .

Installation of unapproved fire alarm system in the building .

Malfunctioning of the fire alarm system or any of its components .

Improper functioning of the fire alarm system .

Water leakage in wet or dry risers .

Obstacles hindering firefighting system in the building .

Applying any alteration, disconnection or removal of any dry/wet fire hydrant's component .

 Not providing periodical maintenance to firefighting & alarm systems .

Escape routes are not provided with illuminated directive signs .

Stairs leading to escape routes are inappropriate .

Non-compliance of the Manual / mechanical ventilation systems with DCD's requirements .

Inappropriate or non-provided Natural/ Artificial illumination in the building .

Presence of obstacles or storing materials in exits and exits routes .

Presence of Haz-mat or flammable materials in exits routes causing risk to occupants .

Not providing emergency standby lights .

Closing / locking of basement`s emergency entry / exits risk to occupants .

Staircase shaft used for waste collection or storage .

Using pumps , generators and services rooms for storing materials .

Presence of nonfunctional power generator .

Presence of exposed or unprotected electrical wiring .

Absence of directive signs showing central Gas system in the building .

Storage of flammable materials near central Gas tank .

Windows in the building`s upper floors are fitted with grilles hindering Civil defense personnel from accessing and conducting firefighting operations .

Filling central Gas tank without obtaining DCD`s consent .

No Civil defense license or fire safety compliance certificate .

Changing business activity without referring to Civil Defense Authority .

Lack of providing training to those who by law should be trained in fire fighting, fire alarm and evacuation .

No existence of well trained, qualified and Civil Defense approved fire warden/ in charge in locations where by law should exist .

Intelligence system not installed in buildings where required .

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