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Safety in the home

Based on the result of statical data of given by Civil Defence and other specialized laboratories with regard to number and size of fires occurred in UAE during the last five years , which indicates that domestic fires rate is the hightes among other buldings and establishments fires. A committee comprising soecialist and field leaders was formed as per the directive of our prudent leader-ship, to examine the causes of these fires and find the best ways to curd them. The committee being carefully studied the issue has arrived to the following conclusion.
Domestic fire protection cannot be achieved without spreading preventive awareness among the families and encourage them to play their role as partners to safeguard their lives and others also from fire risk. Therefore, Civil Defence H.Q. has prepared a plan to conduct comprehen-sive national media campaign aiming at spreading preventive awareness and saftey culture among the families. About 66 fied teams headed by a leading team are carryout this mission throughout the country.
Assigned teams will visit all the families and communicate campaign guideelines to all members of the family, more ovwer distribute awareness publications to entrench these guidelines.


Kitchen Safety

Possibility of a fire start gives a family the opportunity to be prepared for preventing injuries of such accidents. Smoke detectors and fire alarm system are vital in such situations, for they help save lives and reduce losses. The following tips are guidelines for keeping the kitchen safe for your home:

·        When you are cooking food on the stove, stay in the kitchen.

·        Cook oil and grease slowly and watch it closely while it heats.

·        If you have to leave the kitchen, turn off the heat, and close the door lest kids should enter and touch the heated food.

·        It is necessary to leave at least one meter distance between the source of heat and the things that can burn.

·        Only adults lit candles, and children are not allowed to do this.

·        Keep candles away from the reach of children.

·        Lock matches and lighters in a closed cabinet, and away from the reach of children.

·        Keep children away from stoves and heated food.


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