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Safety in factories

Factories & Warehouses Safety Requirements

1.          Ventilation system & emergency light shall be provided based on factory area.

2.          Provision of personal protective equipments ( mask , suits , gloves , Breathing Apparatus).

3.          Directive signs showing actions to be taken during accidents shall be provided.

4.          HAZ – MAT signs shall be stick on factories external walls.

5.          Provision of illuminated emergency exits.

6.          Electric wiring shall be

7.          Provision of sewage system for contaminated water.

8.          Provision of eyes and body wash room.

9.          All machines shall provided with automatic switch off devices.

10.      Provision of Gas fittings/Gas tanks & inflammable liquids safety requirements.

11.      Provision of dry powder/carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

12.      Provision of storage warehouses fire safety requirements.

13.      Provision of anti-leakage materials.

14.      Subscription to Smart Monitoring System.

15.      Haz-Mat materials shall be organized and stored based on specifications, risk degree and classification.

16.      Not allowed to store items in front of firefighting equipment's.

17.      Minimum 1.5 mtrs shall be kept between the racks.

18.      Stored materials shall stowed on racks and wooden bases.

19.      All chemical materials barrels and containers shall be easily stored and transport.

20.      Ventilation system & emergency light shall be provided based on store size.

21.      Warning signs and NO SMOKING signs shall outside the store.

22.      HAZ – MAT signs (50 × 50 humidity resistant ) shall be displayed on warehouse external walls.

23.      Provision of First aid kit.

24.      Provision of anti-leakage handling devices.

25.      Floors provided shall be non-porous and non-slippery.

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