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Civil Protection

The civil protection and safety administration of the civil defense GD, is paying a special attention to the protection of human lives, public and

Private property , and general disasters , as one of the abiding parties which is responsible of implementing decrees , laws and ministerial decisions relating to the protection of the national wealth and its gains in the field of prevention and public safety .

 The sections of prevention and safety, civil and industrial protection are the main pillars for the civil protection and safety administration and play an important role in different work sites, also implementation of a range of measures, procedures and precautions that lead to complete works without risks that hinder the implementation of programs and plans ,it aims to protect the human and material production elements

And supply the necessary requirements to create a safe working environment and aims to reduce production costs in order to reduce risks and work injuries and thus raise productivity.

 All accidents can be avoided and reduction of the associated risks by providing a safe and hygienic location , reduction of accidents is administrative responsibility in the first place and each individual is responsible to take all necessary precautions and measures to ensure the issues relating to health , safety and the environment ,whether for him or to the others .

 We fully prepared to receive your requests through our website or visit us to carry out awareness courses in all fields of the civil defense for all government and private installations and the different sectors of education as national duty towards the community.

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