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Safety in Tent


Tents Safety Measures Requirements

1. Tents shall be elastic  enough to ensure safety for their occupants.

2. Storage is strictly prohibited inside the tents.

3. Heaters , ovens and cooking devices are not allowed inside the tents.

4. If the tent is air conditioner , air handling unit shall be located outside . 1.5 mtr tube shall be used to supply the tent with cold air.

5. A distance of 50 cm shall be maintained between the internal lighting and the tent`s fabrics.

6. Electrical installations shall be in protected pipes and circuit breaker shall also be provided . electrical loads shall be equally distributed over automatic breakers.

7. Each air  Condition shall be provided  with separate circuit shall be provided with separate circuit breaker.

8. Interior decoration and decoration fabrics  shall be treated with fire retardant manufacture tent shall be treated with fire retardant materials.

9. Materials and fabrics used to manufacture tent shall be anti-flame .

10. sufficient number of fire extinguishers 9 ltr water type shall be provided

11. One or more safety supervisor knows how to operate fire extinguishers shall be available to follow – up emergencies and shall have contact link with Dubai civil defence.

12. Distance of 4 mtrs  minimum shall be between the tents themselves and the booths.  

13. NO inflammable materials, waste or grass shall be kept in the area which surrounding the tents.

14  tents are to be made out of fire resistant materials civil defence approval test certif- cate shall be provided.

15. While erecting adjacent tents enough space shall be provided for tent occupation emergency evacuation.



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